A Month of Faves: Favorite Books of 2020

A Month of Faves is hosted by Kim and Tanya at Girlxoxo.com!

This post is really about ranking Jane Austen’s novels after my 2020 reread.

Mansfield Park is still last. But considering where I put the two leads, this may not be a surprise.

Second to last is Sense and Sensibility. Mostly the novel is here because I find it to be less solid overall. Elinor and Edward’s initial romance relies on events we don’t see on the page. Also, Marianne is basically told to marry Colonel Brandon in the end.

Then it’s Emma. This is a much more solid novel. But Frank is a lackluster rake. He doesn’t deserve who he ends up with.

Third is Northanger Abbey because I laughed a good portion through this while still thinking the ending could have been organized better.

Second is Persuasion. Anne is such a great character. Plus I felt the tension and release of the romance even though I’ve read this a few times now.

First will always be Pride and Prejudice. None of the novels knocked this one off its pedestal this year. Elizabeth is my favorite leading lady. But also this supporting cast is the most solid. They are hilarious and cringe. Plus they showcase a range. These iconic scenes still hit me in the feels and this is my most reread Jane Austen work.

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