Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow

3rd in the series

by Jessica Townsend

Little, Brown and Company, 2020

Middle Grade Fantasy

Summary: I won’t spoil this one but I will probably spoil previous books. Morrigan is finally learning things directly related to her powers. But a disease starts spreading through Nevermoor and it complicates everything as it wreaks havoc on citizens and society.

Overall I’m still processing this one. There is a lot. The changes to Morrigan’s education were very exciting because she’s learning things. But we also learn a little about Squall. So many questions from these pieces of his past. There’s also a tragic undercurrent because this isn’t how previous people with her abilities would have learned. The trip to the library was interesting too. There are books and dangerous creatures plus a tiny bit of romance. But the biggest thing is the ending. There’s an agreement and that could have huge ramifications going forward. How is any of that going to work? I resisted devouring this book at first but then had to give in. I adored it and I want the next book.

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