The Guns of Empire

4th in the Shadow Campaigns series

by Django Wexler

ROC, 2016

Adult Fantasy

Summary: I won’t spoil this one but I might spoil previous books. War continues. There are countries trying to take advantage of the political confusion in Vordan and Janus has not let go of his goal to take control of Elysium.

Likes: Love confessions were nice. It was good to see two characters admit their feelings to themselves and then each other. It was also nice to see two other characters be happy together for a little while. Praying for their reunion but we’ll see. The last book could be very brutal for everyone.

Dislikes: The one guy who only shows up usually at the end of the books after book one needs an important role in the last book because he still feels pointless here.

Overall this did focus on military engagements more than the previous volume but not more than the first volume of the series. There was less political stuff but more relationship and character stuff. I’m scared of the last book but still eager to read it. I want to know what’s going to happen to these characters I’ve grown to love.

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