A Deadly Education

1st in the series

by Naomi Novik

Del Rey, 2020

Adult Fantasy

Summary: El goes to Scholomance and the students there are motivated to learn because there are so many creatures in there trying to kill them. Also sometimes their safety is threatened by their fellow students too.

Likes: El is hilarious. She’s blunt and rude but she also has a heart of gold. I was rooting for her very early on. I also like that her magic is complicated. The magic system was interesting as well as the other pieces of world-building. Plus there’s a lot of societal discussion and critique.

Dislikes: The message from her mom has me turned upside down. I need the next book immediately. But I need to wait.

Overall I found this book to be so clever and so different from Novik’s other books. I still need to finish the Temeraire series so I might work on that while I’m waiting for the next book. I’ve found everything they write to be different. This author has so much skill.

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