Review: Dim Sum of All Fears

Dim Sum of All Fears

2nd in the series

by Vivien Chien

St. Martin’s Paperbacks, 2018

Adult Contemporary Murder Mystery

Summary: Lana’s parents go to Taiwan to take care of her grandma but that means Lana has to be in charge of the restaurant while they are away.

Likes: I still love Lana. She’s told not to get involved but she can’t help it. Part of it is her personality but the other part is that one of the victims is her friend. The interactions with Carmen and Ryan were funny because of the dynamic between them and Lana.

Dislikes: Once again, still not sure about the romance. They are taking it slow and I prefer that but… I’m still not fully shipping this couple. (But I still want to see where it goes.)

Overall I finished the book and immediately put the next book on hold. Who’s getting murdered next? How will the romance go? Can they learn to communicate? Obviously Lana will still be sleuthing and I’m excited to see it.

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