Graineliers, Vol. 1

by Rihito Takarai

Yen Press, 2017

Summary: Plant knowledge and cultivation are carefully controlled by the government. It is also forbidden to grow plants inside your body. But it can give the person special powers as well as make them plantlike.

Likes: The world is very interesting. I also really like Abel and Luca’s friendship. There’s a lot of good potential here.

Dislikes: One small thing, the character design is only maybe a hair off the character design in Ten Count.

Overall I debated about trying this series because I read the first three volumes of Ten Count and couldn’t continue the series even though I really liked the first volume (the second volume gave me pause and then the third volume wasn’t good at all). So I’m cautiously optimistic but also worried because the first volume was good in the other series too.

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