Review: Ghost Town

Ghost Town

9th book in the Morganville Vampires series

by Rachel Caine

New American Library, 2010

Adult Supernatural Gothic Romance

Summary: I won’t spoil this one but I will spoil previous books. The machine that controls the portals, barriers, and mind modifying stuff in Morganville is broken and Claire needs to fix it. The problem is that Myrnin won’t let her. But then things start going horribly wrong and to save everyone Claire has to fight Myrnin and everyone else.

Overall I might need a break from this series. I’ve gotten farther than I ever have before and I still care about the characters but I feel burned out. Caine was still able to drag me along for the ride. The twists still got me, the tension was solid. There were also multiple emotional moments because of what the machine is doing to people. But I’m not jumping to get to the next book even though I still love the characters and I care what happens to them. Forcing myself to read this series at the moment would be a mistake. So we’ll see how I feel months from now.

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