Ghost Squad

by Claribel A. Ortega

Scholastic Press, 2020

Middle Grade Supernatural Adventure

Summary: Lucely and her best friend, Syd, accidentally cast a spell to wake up hostile ghosts who start wreaking havoc on the town. They need help from Syd’s grandmother, Babette, and her cat, Chunk, plus Lucely’s spirit family members to reverse the damage.

“But if we get caught, I’m telling them you forced me against my will.”


“It’s every girl for herself in the ghost-pocalypse. Sorry, not sorry!”

Overall I love the friendship between Lucely and Syd. They support each other and their banter is hilarious. I also love Babette. She is eccentric and cool. I do think they should have involved her sooner (to be fair we wouldn’t have had as much of a story) just because she is a loving and competent adult. This was never terrifying but there were times when it was super eerie and spooky, some moments were a little scary. I’m glad I read this one, I needed a fun and spooky middle grade book after the child murder in Mistress of the Art of the Death.

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