Mexican Gothic

by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Del Rey, 2020

Adult Historical Gothic Novel

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Noemí goes to visit her relative Catalina, after she sends a letter indicating not all is well at the house with her husband’s family. And things are worse than she thought.

Likes: I loved Noemí right away. She has limits in society but she always pushes against them. She’s a socialite and a warrior. Catalina is also an interesting character. Most of her action is in the end but I liked how much she resisted but she could only resist so much. She needed Noemí. I also like the journey they go on. They do get challenged quite a bit. I also like how gothic tropes worked in this novel. The house is gross in its decay. The narrative works and it discusses the results of colonialism in Central and South America and the history of women.

Overall I did find this scary but I scare easily and I don’t read a lot of horror outside of October. Here’s a link to Chapterstackss video where she talks about this book. She liked it too but it wasn’t scary for her. It wasn’t a slow read for me but I can see why the beginning and middle might be slower paced for some. When the bigger pieces get revealed and the characters start taking more direct action, the pace does increase slightly. But we needed to build to the bigger pieces so that they make sense. Plus it took a lot of stuff to drag Noemí into a dark emotional place before she could drag herself out of it.

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