Kushiel’s Dart Readalong: Week 5

This week the questions are presented by Peat Long!

*Spoilers ahead.*

What do I think of Hyacinthe’s reaction to the reception from his mother’s family? And Phèdre’s reaction?

When I first read this I was with Hyacinthe in not knowing how this would go but still optimistic. I was excited that he got such a big welcome but it also made it even more sad when they disowned him, the way he thought they’d disowned his mom. But I’m not surprised he chose to protect Phèdre. Their friendship is so strong. But also he couldn’t just stand by while she was clearly in a trance because of Melisande. He’s no coward. It’s also hard to because he knew they could never truly accept him. His mother taught him and he won’t deny his mother.

Impressions of the Dalriada and the Cruithne? Eamonn and Grainne?

I love Drustan even more this time around. He’s decisive and strong plus he’s wise. He also still loves Ysandre and his family. Grainne makes me laugh. She’s a warrior and wants to have healthy kids plus she is bold. The sibling bickering is funny. Eamonn suffers a little in this reread but I’m still glad that the siblings rule together, even if they fight.

Reaction to the battle.

It is not pretty. But I was struck most by Moiread’s death. Enemies come for Phèdre and Drustan’s family. Moiread is able to get her bow and fight back with it while the others make do. She was brave. I also like that Drustan and Joscelin have a talk. Joscelin puts a lot of responsibility on himself. His job is to serve and protect and he fought. It’s good that Drustan reminded him that he can’t save everyone and Moiread died a warrior, choosing to fight.

Elder Brother and Hyacinthe’s choice?

Hyacinthe’s choice echoes his use of the dromonde to protect Phèdre. He knows she’s solved the riddle and that she will take on the price. He refuses to accept that. Also he believes that she will solve the problem to set him free. He’s an optimist. But it is definitely a sacrifice he is making for everyone there.

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