This week the questions are presented by Mayri, Book Forager.

Spoilers for Chapters 48 to 61!

Waldemar’s old teacher calls Phèdre “a weapon thrown by a D’Angeline god.” Discuss.

Waldemar’s old teacher is an interesting character. He sees Phèdre’s potential to disrupt Waldemar’s plans and he dismisses it. He is too confident and he also discounts D’Angelines, them and their gods. It gives Phèdre a boost. Someone recognizes that she has a higher purpose which helps.

How do you feel about the Prefect of the Cassiline Brotherhood’s response?

It feels like he’s reacting to Joscelin kneeling before him and saying he is unworthy. I love when he’s about to confess about Phèdre and him in the cave and throws out something recent instead. It feels like the Prefect hasn’t had a lot of life experience. He’s a little too judgmental, they went through a lot of life and death stuff.

All gifts are double-edged swords in this story. Discuss.

Melisande paying off Phèdre’s marque before she sends her into slavery is pretty harsh. But she also lets them live which will come back to bite her.

Opinions on Ysandre and her intention to honor her betrothal to Drustan?

I love Ysandre. She is so young but so strong and smart. And she is facing a terrible situation, treason and invasion. It does strike me that she and Phèdre are the same age. Ysandre is putting so much trust in Drustan. But she is living the precept of Elua, Love as thou Wilt. Despite the challenges and not seeing him for so long… it makes my heart happy.

Reaction to more information about Delaunay?

I want a novella of their story. I loved learning about the two of them the first time and felt the tragedy of their situation. They broke up and then reconciled. I wanted to be shown all of it.

Phèdre’s marque is finally complete. Do you think she is free?

Legally she isn’t indentured anymore but no she’s not free. She’s still fulfilling Delaunay’s plans. She is serving her monarch, Ysandre. She is marked by Kushiel.

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