Peasprout Chen: Battle of Champions

2nd book in the series

by Henry Lien

Henry Holt and Company, 2019

Middle Grade Fantasy

7 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: *I won’t spoil this book but I might spoil the previous one.* Peasprout’s second year focuses on her creating a battleband and then leading it as Shin demands she return instead of staying in Pearl. The stakes get higher.

Likes: I like that things are even more complicated in this one. The stakes are higher. People are getting injured, almost dying. And the city could get destroyed. There is also struggle because Peasprout doesn’t know if she should trust her instincts because her friends are doubting her. She also is making mistakes as a leader and she has to work all that out. Plus her relationship with Doi and her brother is complicated. More layers and deeper moments. But we still get the humor I liked in the first book.

Dislikes: With the complexity sometimes came confusion.

Overall there’s a cliffhanger… Peasprout has to make a choice and I have thoughts but I can see this going both ways and being interesting. Also, there might be a third option.

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