Review: The Garden Intrigue

The Garden Intrigue

9th in the Pink Carnation series

by Lauren Willig

Dutton, 2012

Adult Historical Adventure Romance

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Augustus Whittlesby, ridiculous poet and secret agent, must work with the American, Emma Delagardie, to create a masque and find out about a secret weapon being tested.

Likes: There is more interaction with Napoleon and his family which lends more reality to their situation and the complicated loyalties Emma has. I also like how much we get of her feelings. Jane and Miss Gwen are also there and they get to be part of the masque.

Dislikes: The confession to his long-time crush should have happened earlier because even though the real romance wasn’t rushed it felt that way.

Overall I wasn’t really blown away by this one but ultimately it was a lot of fun and had more elements that interested me. The romance development wasn’t my favorite and I almost want a follow-up to see how that works out after the end. We are also getting thrown a couple curve-balls in the contemporary story-line. One may not come to fruition but the other is a major challenge to any relationship.

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