Shadow of the Fox

by Julie Kagawa

Harlequin Teen, 2018

YA Fantasy

9 cups of tea out of 10

Summary: Yumeko is half kitsune and lives with the monks who guard an important piece of a scroll. When demons attack the temple, Yumeko must work with Kage the Demonslayer to survive and get the scroll piece to a different temple with people who can better protect it.

Likes: The worldbuilding is immersive. All senses were given consideration and Japanese words were used deliberately throughout. I loved Yumeko right away. She’s a mischievous prankster with lots of heart. I’m also glad we got Kage’s perspective because the stoic types are tricky to depict. Then the people they meet along the way add a lot of fun and depth.

Dislikes: Suki felt a little under-utilized in this book but maybe she has bigger contributions in future?

Overall I vastly enjoyed this. I wasn’t sure if I would because I’ve read first books in other Kagawa series and thought they were okay and then didn’t continue the series. This series I definitely want to continue.

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