Review: The Odd Women

The Odd Women

by George Gissing

Oxford University Press, 2000

Classic British Literature

4 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Monica and her sisters grew up in leisure predominantly but when their doctor father dies they are forced into an awkward financial situation where they don’t know any occupations but must have them to survive. Their friend, Rhoda, helps at a school that teaches women how to do office work so they can get better jobs. She’s also against marriage in general.

Overall I didn’t hate reading this and I’m glad there was a readalong for it (or else I wouldn’t have known this book existed). I also appreciate that it focused on women in different situations (work and social). But nothing about this blew me away. I didn’t find the writing or ideas particularly interesting. But that’s probably partially due to my modern bias. I also didn’t care about the characters. Everard Barfoot was the only character I found interesting but he wasn’t enough to carry the book.

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