A Different Blue

by Amy Harmon

Spencer Hill Press, 2013

YA Contemporary Romance

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Blue doesn’t know who she is. But she fills the hole with her carvings and bad attitude at school. Then they get a new history teacher from Britain her senior year and her world gets turned upside down.

“…But there’s no way to avoid regret. Don’t let anybody tell you different. Regret is just life’s aftertaste. No matter what you choose, you’re gonna wonder if you shoulda done things different. I didn’t necessarily choose wrong. I just chose. And I lived with my choice, aftertaste and all.”

Likes: Blue is an intimidating main character. She’s abrasive, deliberately. But underneath the layers she’s lonely and doesn’t know what her place in the world is. Her relationship with Wilson is really interesting to watch unfold. At first he’s her teacher so nothing romantic is happening. Blue is really sassy with him but he calls her out when she steps over the line. I also love that they connect through his music and her art. And it’s slow. Mostly the book focuses on Blue’s journey.

“You may not be a work of art, but you are definitely a piece of work.”

Dislikes: There is a scene where Wilson is a little aggressive and I’m really glad Blue sent him away even though she didn’t want to.

Overall I’d like to try other things by this writer because I liked the romance and how the harder topics were presented. Also, I am totally Sparkles in Blue’s class. I still write with glittery pens.


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