Defy the Worlds

second book in the series

by Claudia Gray

Little, Brown and Company, 2018

YA Science Fiction Romance Adventure

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: I’ll try not to spoil this book but I might spoil the first one. Noemi and Abel have gone their separate ways until a desperate situation on Noemi’s home planet forces her to travel away again. She’s kidnapped by Abel’s creator and he’ll kill her if Abel doesn’t agree to his terms. A lot is revealed.

Likes: There are multiple levels of insanity. There’s stuff with Mansfield’s daughter as she attempts to resurrect her son and what that really means. Rich people are keeping secrets. Genesis gets attacked in two big ways. Noemi does amazing stuff that shows off her combat training. Her and Abel’s relationship is fun to watch. The ending also left me questioning how things will go for everyone.

Dislikes: There are some people who really suck in this book. Selfishness and greed are my main issues.

Overall I want to read the next and last book soon. Holy Mackerel. That was an ending.

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