Review: The Orchid Affair

The Orchid Affair

Pink Carnation series, book 8

Dutton, 2011

Adult Historical Adventure Romance

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Laura has been a governess for sixteen years (since age sixteen, after the deaths of her parents) so when she gets the opportunity to study with the Selwicks to be a spy, she takes it. But her first mission is to spy on single father, André Jaouen, playing the role of a governess.

Likes: Laura and André’s dynamic is funny to read. They are both world-weary and have a dry sense of humor. Things also get complicated quickly. There’s also a travelling acting troupe. Also, a character from the first book makes an appearance at the end. He’s cool. The fine and performing art discussions were also fun to read.

Dislikes: Colin, descendant of Selwick in the contemporary storyline, has a dysfunctional family. I’m also concerned about Eloise’s shoe collection…

Overall I enjoyed this installment in the series. Laura and André are new characters, I don’t think I’ve read about them in previous books. They were a nice surprise.

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