In/Spectre, Vol. 2

story by Kyo Shirodaira

art by Chashiba Katase

Kodansha Comics, 2016

5 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: The mystery from the previous volume continues. Saki and Kotoko have some hostility but they have the same objective. When Kuro arrives on the scene he does have some personality and an unexpected power. Unfortunately their efforts seem to lead back to square one.

Likes: Steel Lady Nanase feels like the real star of this volume. She’s the most interesting part. There’s a bunch of information about her and we get one of the episodes of late night TV she starred in. We get a little of Kuro’s backstory too. Not what I was expecting but it explains a lot. His family… wow.

Dislikes: Jokes about rape and sexual harassment.

Overall I’m not sure. I set high expectations for this volume and they weren’t really met. I do want to find out what happens with that arc though. Nanase is an interesting problem if nothing else.

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