written by Rainbow Rowell

art by Faith Erin Hicks

First Second, 2019

YA Contemporary Graphic Novel

9 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Deja and Josiah work at a pumpkin patch seasonally, but this is their last Halloween working there because they are going off to college.

Likes: This pumpkin patch is a magical place. They have all these food places all over and things to do. Personal favorite that I want immediately: pumpkin bomb. Also, the main characters are really into everything. Also, the comedy of errors that leads them all over their work place trying to find Josie’s crush is hilarious. And I relate to both sides of this. I have idolized crushes and refused to talk to them. I’ve also been the friend who is determined to get a friend to talk to their crush. I also love the ending. The scent of fall got me too.

Dislikes: I want all the pumpkin spice stuff, immediately.

Overall I wasn’t I would like this one. Also, since it is set in the fall (on Halloween even) I wasn’t sure if I’d be into it at this time of year. I was proven wrong. Fall and Halloween are my favorite, I can enjoy them all year.

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