fushigi yugi 17

Fushigi Yugi, Vol. 17: Demon

by Yu Watase

Spoilers ahead!

Also a trigger warning for attempted sexual assault.

Summary: An explosion at Tamahome’s apartment causes Miaka to go back into the scroll trying to find him. The warriors are taking a bath at the hot springs. That’s when we find out that Tenko kidnapped Tamahome and taken those memories back again and preyed on his insecurities. He also burns up the villainous siblings because he’s tired of them, I guess. Tamahome is able to escape with the warriors’ help. Meanwhile, Tetsuya, Keisuke, and Yui are trying to research Tenko but coming up empty. Nuriko and Tamahome have a chat while Tenko uses Tasuki’s negative feelings about Tamahome to mind control him. Tasuki then takes Miaka to the town gets her drunk, attempted assault. Tamahome comes to save the day while Nuriko finds Mitsukake. Luckily she does because Tasuki has to set himself on fire to get out of the mind control. Chichiri has to face a friend from his past who is also one of Tenko’s lackeys. This is also when we get more of the story of how Chichiri got his scar. They are able to defeat him and free Miaka. Then Tamahome’s twin shows up causing confusion.

The good: The power of friendship eventually works for Tasuki and Chichiri.

The bad: They rely a lot on Chichiri’s powers but also tend to leave him behind to fend for himself and they are still relying on Mitsukake’s powers even though he’s dead.

The ugly: Tasuki versus Miaka, he’s under evil mind control when he attempts to assault Miaka. But it’s when he is forced to fight Tamahome that he finally wakes up (and burns himself to break the spell). I really like Tasuki as a character in part one so I dislike how he gets used in this part.

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