fushigi yugi 15

Fushigi Yugi, Vol. 15: Guardian

by Yu Watase

Spoilers ahead!

Summary: Lian takes a hit for another student so that he can pass himself off as the good guy. That’s when he takes the opportunity to control two fellow students. One he uses to attack Miaka, the other he makes jump off the roof so that he can take his position in the student government. Miaka goes back into the scroll to try and find another stone. She meets Hotohori’s son. Hotohori possesses his kid to fight a monster in the teddy bear. He also speaks to his wife to give her moral support. When Miaka gets back Lian takes control of her body, makes other students restrain Tamahome, and then he makes her kiss him. Teachers barge in and demand to know what’s going on. Lian attempts to ruin Miaka’s reputation. But Miaka isn’t really fazed and she has Yui and Tamahome on her side. Lian ramps up the aggression in the students. Tamahome and Miaka go back to the palace. Things have escalated there too. They use their abilities to try and defeat the demonic miasma that snatched one of Tamahome’s stones. Tamahome also lets Hotohori possess him so he can hold his son.

The good: Meng-Chen, Hotohori’s son, is adorable. Especially when he’s holding Miaka’s teddy bear.

The bad: Hotohori possessing his toddler to fight the demons with his holy sword. It looks absolutely ridiculous.

The ugly: Lian controlling Miaka’s body and forcing her to strip and kiss him in front of Tamahome who is being restrained. This garbage was bad enough in the first series.

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