fushigi yugi 14

Fushigi Yugi, Vol. 14: Prophet

by Yu Watase

Spoilers ahead!

Summary: Miaka and Yui are getting into school and seem to be doing well. But when they go to Nara on a field trip it is revealed that a demon god is loose and Suzaku needs Miaka’s help to get rid of it through the power of love. Tamahome also needs to get his memories back. They are encased in magic orbs and they are with the Suzaku warriors or in a place attached to the ones who died. Speaking of the dead Suzaku warriors, they can’t be reborn until things get resolved. They also get a chance to meet the demon god in his realm. He also reveals that Nakago worshiped him. The transfer student Shi-Hang Lian is suspicious and vows to ruin Miaka and Tamahome’s relationship. (I wanted to point out that he really didn’t need to do anything. No offense.)

The good: Yui seems happy. She is doing tennis and dating Tetsuya (I’m not fully sold on their relationship though).

The bad: Miaka does not respect that Tamahome has to work to pay his bills. (Unless his fake parents are loaded…)

The ugly: So many questions. Suzaku’s part of the mound has been broken for years, why would it impact things now? Why were Tamahome’s memories scattered? Miaka and Tamahome’s relationship is not that strong (plenty of evidence throughout), why is success tied to their relationship and getting his memories back?

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