fushigi yugi 12

Fushigi Yugi, Vol. 12: Girlfriend

by Yu Watase

Spoilers ahead!

Summary: Suzaku and Byakku warriors are fighting the Seiryu warriors as Yui summons the god. The Emperor of Qu-Dong prepares to conquer everyone else. Yui’s first wish is to seal away Suzaku. Not only does this prevent Miaka from summoning the god, it also takes away the warriors powers. Hong-Nan goes to war against Qu-Dong. Soi dies to protect Nakago. Then Yui enacts her second wish, she demands that she and Miaka be returned to their world and that Miaka can’t go back into the book. Somehow Tamahome manages to come with her. Keisuke and Tamahome are fascinated by each other but ultimately they are trying to get Tamahome back into the book. Yui is upset that they are still together so she summons Suboshi. Back in the book, war continues until Tasuki’s bandit friends come to help. Unfortunately, Mitsukake is badly injured and he dies healing people. Meanwhile, Suboshi starts attacking Miaka in the real world and Tamahome doesn’t have his powers.

The good: Hotohori has an empress and she’s pregnant! It’s a little sad that it happened off page but it worked out.

The bad: Miaka and Tamahome are over-dramatic. Miaka says that they’ve been separated so many times. A bunch of those times have been because one of them dumped or ran away from the other.

The ugly: Soi dies. I pitied her the most of the villains. But the man she loved, Nakago, only appreciates her in death.

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