fushigi yugi 11

Fushigi Yugi, Vol. 11: Veteran

by Yu Watase

Spoilers ahead!

Summary: Amiboshi is trying to protect Miaka from Tomo when Suboshi arrives to save him, killing Tomo. Then Suboshi forces Amiboshi to drink the oblivion potion. Then it’s Suboshi versus Miaka. Tamahome comes to save her backed up by the other Celestial Warriors who have been released from Tomo’s illusions. They finally make it to Xi-Lang. Tamahome breaks up with Miaka. He focuses on a different girl, criticizes Miaka’s cooking (as soon as she leaves the room he eats it all, getting temporary indigestion), then Miaka insists on going to this pagoda that is supposed to be good luck for lovers. She’ll meet Tamahome there and if he doesn’t show up, she’ll know they are over. Tamahome realizes that even though the two of them can’t be together in this world, he still loves her. Also there’s a monster at the pagoda and he needs to save Miaka. Miaka gets to the pagoda and waits but then she sees Yui with Nakago so she leaves a ribbon behind and goes after Yui. Then they all get trapped in a monastery taken over by one of the Seiryu warriors. He also takes Miaka’s voice. They also kidnapped the Byakko Warrior, Tatara, who has the other shentso-pao but he won’t give it to them. Miaka and Yui aren’t able to talk but Tatara is able to get under Yui’s skin a little bit. The Suzaku warriors are able to find Miaka with the help of the other Byakko warriors but in the battle against Miboshi, Chiriko gets possessed and they kill themselves to kill Miboshi. Meanwhile, Yui is preparing to summon Seiryu.

The good: Suboshi coming to save Amiboshi is awesome.

The bad: Suboshi attacking Miaka after giving Amiboshi the oblivion potion.

The ugly: Tamahome breaking up with Miaka. One, after everything they’ve been through, this is garbage. Two, him trying to make her hate him. Flirting with another girl, being mean about her cooking… after everything they’ve been through? Three, the “It’s already too late” line. Oh, it’s definitely too late. Four, the whole pagoda thing. She demands a grand gesture after he dumps her and she ignores the fact that there is a monster there. Also the Byakko warriors keep being negative about their relationship when Tamahome says he needs to go after her. It feels like they’re telling him not to save her from the pagoda monster. They don’t want Miaka to die, do they?

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