Say I Love You, Vol. 1

by Kanae Hazuki

Kodansha Comics, 2014

7 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Mei Tachibana hasn’t truly given up on having friends or a boyfriend but after so many betrayals she has gotten tired of trying to connect with people. Mei kicks Yamato Kurosawa by mistake (it was his friend who was making fun of her) and after that he finds her interesting and wants to get to know her. Along the way, Mei makes friends with his friends.

Likes: My favorite parts are the flashbacks with Mei and Yamato. We get to know them individually before they are the versions of themselves we see in the present. I also like how observant Mei is.

Dislikes: A consent issue because the two of them are struggling to express feelings and he wants to express his feelings physically.

Overall Mei is pretty much why I’m here for this book. Not that the other characters are badly done but I find Mei the most interesting. I like how blunt and honest she is. She’s also grumpy.

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