Mars, Vol. 1

by Fuyumi Soryo

Kodansha Comics, 2019

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Rei is the reckless bad-boy all the girls want to date. Kira is a quiet artist most people ignore. Until Rei starts paying attention to her.

Likes: My favorite part is when Rei realizes that there’s a painting on the back of the directions Kira drew for him and he connects with it. I like that the romantic beats have a lot to do with the things they are both passionate about (her art and his motorcycle). This is a little slower in pace but I think it works well because it gives Rei and Kira time to interact. This actually made me feel more nostalgic than I thought it would. There are chalkboards and 90’s clothing, I love it. Also, there are a lot of hints to layers of their psychology. There are mysteries but I still feel like I’m well-acquainted with these characters. Tatsuya’s a cool friend. He’s really mature about all of it. And him and Rei have some hilarious scenes.

Dislikes: That teacher, the mean girl, and her cohorts

Overall I remember reading this when I was younger. I don’t think I got very far but there’s a lot I like about this volume so I want to try volume two.

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