Review: LDK Vols. 1 and 2

ldk 2

LDK Vols. 1 and 2

by Ayu Watanabe

Kodansha Comics, 2015

Summary: Moe, Aoi’s best friend, gets turned down by her crush, Shusei, the prince of their school. Aoi is not happy about it and then Shusei moves in next door to her.

Likes: I like Moe and Aoi’s friendship. They are super supportive of each other. I also like how much hilarity there is with the forced proximity especially when Shusei’s apartment gets flooded.

Dislikes: The fake romance stuff and territorial stuff in the second volume made me uncomfortable. I didn’t have a huge problem with Shusei’s mean boy stuff in the first volume (especially when he and Moe teamed up to troll Aoi) but by the end of the second book I was a little impatient. We don’t really know anything about him and we don’t get his perspective.

Overall I didn’t mind reading the first two volumes but I probably won’t continue the series.

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