Graphics Readathon Update 1!

The Graphics Readathon is hosted by Ellyn, allonsythornraxx and Destiny, Howling Libraries. It goes from February 25th to March 3rd. The object is to read graphic novels, comics, and manga.

Last minute, I committed yesterday and read three things.

Giant Days, Vol. 12

Created and Written by John Allison

Art by Max Sarin and John Allison (Chapter 48)

Boom! Box, 2020

Adult Contemporary Comic

McGraw’s brother is getting married, Daisy is a horrible driver, Susan investigates a crime spree, and Esther helps Ed with his relationship. There’s also an adorable dog, named Perkin.

I do love how the Susan solving crimes portion shifts between black and white and color depending. It gives her internal monologue a noir film vibe. Still hilarious, still amazing. Overall, I only really struggled with the last chapter because of the art.

Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 22

Story and Art by Mizuho Kusanagi

Shojo Beat, 2020

Lady Riri finds out a lot in this volume. Yona tells her about her feelings for someone. She also finds out about Su-Won’s connections to the criminal underworld. We also see Hak’s interpretation of the events in the first volume but based on Su-Won’s interactions with Riri, it feels like there’s more to it than Hak believes. We’ve also started a new arc with Xing and the two princesses of that land who want different things.

I love Lady Riri with Yona and Su-Won in this volume. She’s funny, she’s stubborn, and insightful. I’m also excited for this new arc.

Aquicorn Cove

by Katie O’Neill

Oni Press, 2018

Children’s Graphic Novel

This one was a very simple book. Lana and her dad visit her aunt Mae after a storm hits the village, causing damage. There’s discussion of grief and the negative impacts on the environment. The art is adorable.

I’m currently reading Max and the Midknights by Lincoln Peirce and On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden.

4 thoughts on “Graphics Readathon Update 1!

  1. I’m so glad you decided to participate! You’re doing so well so far!

    Giant Days Vol 12 sounds like so much fun! The black and white aspect sounds really cool! I think I’m almost up to that volume so I’ll have to make sure I get to them by the end of the readathon!

    Good luck with the rest of your tbr!

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