Jade War

sequel to Jade City

by Fonda Lee

Orbit, 2019

Adult Fantasy

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: I may spoil the first book but I will try not to spoil this one. No Peak and the Mountain clans are still at war. Things are getting more and more complicated. Jade and foreign relations go hand in hand and other countries are in conflict. Hilo, Shae, and Anden have to grow in circumstances that they weren’t trained for but it makes them step up. And a lot goes wrong…

Likes: Ayt Madashi is an amazing antagonist. I’m rooting for No Peak but wow, she is making them work for it throughout this book. The world-building is on point again. This time we get to know Espenia, Port Massy reminds me of New York City, and the small Kekonese community who have lived there for a couple generations. The characterization is also strong. We get moments with the characters that illustrate their complexity. The range of moments between the members of the extended Kaul family are part of why I continue to root for them. Shae is amazing in this book. She fails and steps up plus she goes through a lot.

Dislikes: I did want a little more from Wen. A lot of the White Rat work she does isn’t on the page, it’s hinted at here and there.

Overall one of the jade stealing teenagers from the first book needs to justify his continued existence in the last book. I’m also wondering if there will be a time jump for the next book because there are three little kids who I think will be really important. There are also two characters I want to see together. They could have an intense hospital scene. Basically, I just want the next book really soon.

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