The Betrayal of the Blood Lily

6th in the series

by Lauren Willig

Dutton, 2010

Adult Historical Romance

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Penelope and Freddy are forced to marry and go to India so the scandal around them can die down a bit. It is not a happy marriage. Captain Alex Reid is chosen to lead them to their living situation further interior. Along the way are complex dangers and Penelope proves her bravery. Freddy proves other things.

Likes: The situation in India is complicated and I like how much it was discussed in this book. Local, British, and French factions vied for power and control. Alliances were made and broken. In the case of Captain Reid’s half-siblings there are other complexities discussed as well. Alex and Penelope make an interesting pair. He’s solid, takes none of her garbage but he also is more than willing to understand where she’s coming from and admires her good qualities when he sees them. Penelope is complicated. I like that she was introduced in previous books as a supporting character. The events of the previous book made me want a book with her perspective. She has a lot of damage from previous flouting of what a woman should or shouldn’t do and the situation she got herself into indicates a lot about the unreasonable societal rules of the time. She’s not always likable but I certainly sympathized. I wanted her to be happy.

Dislikes: Affairs occur.

Overall I can see why this book is not the most beloved of the series. But so far I admire how complex the subjects were. Both the leads, the situation in India, and the social commentary were a step up. I liked it and want to continue.

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