Fushigi Yugi, Vol. 6: Summoner

by Yu Watase

Spoilers ahead and a trigger warning for attempted suicide

Summary: Miaka keeps saying she’s fine when she’s not. Hotohori is worried about her, Tasuki has to recover the slow way because Mitsukake can only heal one person a day and he chose to heal Miaka’s arm. They are also stalled because without Tamahome they can’t summon Suzaku. Back in Qu-Dong Yui is treating Tamahome but in his brainwashed state he is obsessed with killing Miaka. So Nakago sends him to Qu-Dong over Yui’s objections. Miaka tries to kill herself by drowning, Hotohori saves her. Tamahome attacks and Hotohori battles him. Miaka escapes her room and witnesses Hotohori stab Tamahome. She runs over to him, speaks to him, as his life force drains out the diedu stops working. Mitsukake heals Tamahome and he returns to Qu-Dong to get the Universe of the Four Gods scroll. Everyone prepares for the Suzaku summoning ceremony. But things go wrong at the actual ceremony because it turns out a Seiryu celestial warrior was impersonating Chiriko. We meet the real one after.

The good: Miaka has a mature conversation with Tamahome about what he did when he was brainwashed and what their near future will be. She finally has a mature conversation with Hotohori about his feelings. (Which is nice because in this volume alone he was forcing his feelings on her twice.)

The bad: I hate to say it but I’m not here for Yui’s pity party in this volume. She gave Tamahome a drug that Nakago gave her without knowing exactly what it would do. His condemnation of her is actually justified in this case.

The ugly: Love gets thrown around a lot in this volume. Yui says she loves Tamahome. Miaka and Tamahome’s love defeats the diedu. But seriously, how much time have any of them actually spent together? Barely any. And most of that time didn’t consist of them actually bonding as a couple. It feels really forced and shallow on all sides.

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