A Heart so Fierce and Broken

sequel to A Curse so Dark and Lonely

by Brigid Kemmerer

Bloomsbury, 2020

YA Fantasy

9 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: I will try not to spoil this book but I might spoil the first. This volume focuses on Grey, who has gone into hiding, and Lia Mara, daughter of the queen of Emberfall’s most immediate enemy nation. Both are trying to do what’s best for their countries but it becomes more and more unclear what the right answer is as the story progresses.

Likes: I loved getting Grey’s perspective. He’s even more interesting to hear from directly. I love Lia Mara and her sister’s relationship. It isn’t without it’s problems but they love each other. I also still have a shred of hope for the third book. But wow, things are messed up. (Thus all my screaming.)

Dislikes: I didn’t buy the romance at first but it is based on shared experiences and I was convinced by the end.

Overall I’ve stopped internally screaming but it took a few days (and an opera about World War I). This book gave me so much anxiety because I was so worried about these characters. But I couldn’t look away. This book also made me want to reread the first book again and then this one again. That’s what bumped it up to that 9.

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