by Cindy Pon

Simon Pulse, 2017

YA Science Fiction

6 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Zhou and his friends want to take down Jin Corp for killing one of their own and directly benefiting from the continued pollution and sickness in Taiwan. But when Zhou develops feelings for Daiyu, the Jin Corp CEO’s daughter, things get really complicated.

Likes: I sympathized with Zhou and his friends very quickly. I also liked Daiyu pretty quickly too. For the most part I also loved Lingyi and Iris’ relationship.

Dislikes: There were a few things that felt awkward. I was surprised by how much Zhou got away with playing a rich kid and the missions he went on. Also, he seemed smarter in the beginning, he grew complacent maybe?

Overall I chose this one because Fonda Lee recommended it and I’ve liked a couple short stories by the author. I’m debating about reading the next book in this series but I definitely want to read more from this author.

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