Written by Suzanne Walker

Illustrated by Wendy Xu

Lion Forge, 2019

YA Contemporary Supernatural Romance Graphic Novel

5 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Nova and Tam are reunited after a long time and they have to investigate the mysterious lights in the woods.

Likes: The romance is cute and it’s my favorite part. I also like Nova’s family and her friendship with Tatyana.

Dislikes: The mysterious lights in the woods story-line was not well done. There wasn’t a sense of urgency, no tension, the villains were predictable and incompetent. There weren’t any stakes. Also, I expected way more food especially since this was named a food and one of the characters is cooking on the cover.

Overall I was really disappointed with this one but it was great to see a cute romance. The mystery plot needed way more development.

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