Magical Winter Readathon: The Last Chapter!


We’re going into the Chamber in the last chapter (so all chapters are unlocked now)!

A few of these choices are based on what you did in previous chapters.

I met Fawkes so my prompt is to read a book from the top shelf. Home by Julie Andrews is in my currently reading pile which since on the top of my half-size book case.

I need to cheer Myrtle up with a funny story. This is an awkward one because I don’t usually go into telling a story thinking it will be funny (I do hope people will find it funny though). Yesterday, my brother started whistling so loudly as he was coming up the stairs and my mom thought she’d set off the smoke alarm.

The next prompt was related to parseltongue and it’s to read the first book I thought of. The first book I thought of, I was already reading, so the second book is The Guns of Empire, which I think has been in my currently reading pile since the end of 2018.

The last prompt is undecided because it depends on what order I finish the other readathon books because it has to be shorter than the one I read before it.

This readathon has been super fun. I particularly enjoyed the choose-your-own-adventure website creation. It seems like it took a lot of work and the amount of effort blows me away. But technically it continues until the next OWLs round in April 2020 which will be connecting to Prisoner of Azkaban, I imagine.

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