Magical Winter Readathon Chapter 5!


Chapter 5 of the Winter Magical Readathon is unlocked!

This chapter relies more on remembering what we did in previous chapters.

I didn’t do the pathway that led to Hermione’s book club so my first prompt is a book title that starts with ‘S’ for Slytherin. Then you choose what task you’ll do to help with the Polyjuice Potion. I chose to stay and stir because I’m feeling a little lazy this morning. I got the prompt to pick 5-7 books, spin in a circle with my eyes closed, and then choose the book I stop in front of. Then I was pretty sure I didn’t talk to Mr. Weasley about the raids on Malfoy Manor. (It’s possible I did.) So I got the prompt to read a book recommended by a friend.

I am still reading Want from the previous chapter. Of the options I have for ‘S,’ Stepsister by Jennifer Donnelly is the one I’m most excited to try. The book I randomly chose is Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball by Laura Ellen Anderson. Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder is the third book in a series recommended by a fellow librarian.

I also met Fawkes and my favorite bird is the red-tailed hawk. It’s because of Tobias, one of the Animorphs.

The last chapter unlocks next Sunday!

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