Review: 10 Blind Dates

10 blind dates

10 Blind Dates

by Ashley Elston

Hyperion, 2019

YA Contemporary Romance

7 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Sophie and her boyfriend have issues right before holiday break so her grandmother decides that she will date ten guys her family members pick. They also decide what the date is too. Hilarity ensues.

Likes: This was a really quick read. I was entertained throughout, laughed a few times. The focus of it is the dates and the possible developing romance but it is also about family. Sophie has drifted away from her close cousins and their re-connection was important.

Dislikes: It’s fluff but it’s good fluff.

Overall this was really good to read in December because it takes place across Christmas and New Year’s. It was also an easy read so it gave my mind a break while I was reading The Starless Sea and Normal People.

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