A Month of Faves is hosted by Girlxoxo and Traveling with T.

This week the prompt is about favorite things that aren’t books or bookish necessarily.

To wear: I’ve been wearing the sweaters and flannel in my winter wardrobe lately and I’ve loved it.

To smell: Nothing has beaten out the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin stuff from Bath and Body Works for a few years now.

To see: The snow people scattered around the neighborhood. There are some creative people here.

To do: I walk around town a lot (to work, the craft store, and the grocery store mostly) but next to my neighborhood is the historic part of town and there are some really cute houses. They look especially pretty with Christmas decorations.

To enjoy: Candy Cane Kisses, I wait all year for these.

Most used purchase: I bought one of those craft cart things (teal) to hold my art, creative journal, and planning supplies. I use it everyday, so glad I took the plunge and bought it.

Something crafty: I’ve also tried out Once More with Love and Coffee Monsterz Co stickers and Simply Gilded washi tape for the first time this year and I’ve been loving using supplies from these small businesses.

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