missing of clairdelune

The Missing of Clairdelune

The Mirror Visitor Book 2

by Christelle Dabos

Translated from French by Hildegarde Serle

Europa Editions, 2019

YA Fantasy

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Nowhere is safe! People are disappearing from the most secure part of Citaceleste, Clairdelune. When the ambassador is taken Ophelia is called on to find them, in addition to planning her wedding to Thorn.

Likes: There’s a lot of good character growth in this volume, especially Ophelia and Thorn. I also liked Berenilde far more than in the first book. We also get more stuff. In addition to the criticism of society and misadventures, we also get a missing persons mystery. We learn more about Farouk, his siblings, and the being who created them. Then we get to see more of the Pole and the other people who live there. Ophelia’s family could be annoying but they love her and that was really nice to see.

Dislikes: The Knight’s story did feel a little abrupt and I’m conflicted about the romance but I’m willing to see where all of this goes.

Overall a lot was revealed in this volume but now I have even more questions! I liked A Winter’s Promise and I like this one even more.

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