giant days 10

There will be spoilers for this volume and previous volumes in this post. I did do a mini-review of this one in my weekly wrap-up.

I am so worried about McGraw and Susan. I’ve been rooting for them since the beginning because they are so different but have so much chemistry and they’ve known each other a long time… But she is a medical student and she’s working long hours and they had a fight in this volume about the apartment he selected. Luckily it was resolved (partly because she realized he’d built all the furniture in the house). I’m just worried that them living together will cause them to break up.

Then we have Ed. I feel so bad for him. He got drunk, confessed to Esther (finally), then he fell off a wall and injured himself badly. And he’s worried he ruined the friendship. I thought it was a nice touch that she got him a clown comforter for his bed. And maybe I shouldn’t but I’m still rooting for him and Esther. He consistently gets destroyed and really should move on but… I just can’t shake that they should be together somehow…

Here are some quotes from the career fair:

Esther: “This place is a thunderdome of awfulness. Apparently the world of work is saying you’re passionate about things… that no one in their right mind could be passionate about.”

Susan: “I got you a jet. A big beautiful jet.”

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