space boy 4

Space Boy, Vol. 4

by Stephen McCranie

Dark Horse Books, 2019

YA Science Fiction Comic

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Amy decides to get Oliver to help her design her club’s float because she’s bad at drawing. And things are fun at first until Oliver has to make a choice between friendship or keeping secrets.

Likes: There’s a lot of drama in this volume. We get high school human relations with the high stakes of Oliver’s life and Amy in the middle. Also happy to see Jemmah and Amy scenes. Plus Jemmah is amazing. Also Amy being excited about the storm and splashing in the puddles.

Dislikes: The Oliver and Amy issues reminded me of Twilight, part of Sailor Moon, and multiple parts of Fushigi Yugi but the readers have more information while it’s happening but… it’s still very melodramatic (especially in the rain).

Overall I’m excited to see where this goes. I have a lot of questions (just like Amy). And I want to see how the parade and the dance go.

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