Save the Date

by Morgan Matson

Simon and Schuster, 2018

YA Contemporary Romance

7 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Charlie’s family is all going to be together for their sister Linny’s wedding and to commemorate the end of their mom’s comic strip. But everything goes wrong and Charlie will do everything she can but some problems she’s not going to solve.

Likes: I found everything going wrong to be mostly funny and overall I laughed more than I felt anxious. At first I had trouble keeping track of the characters but as I got to know the siblings better I was able to tell them apart.

Dislikes: The two feuding relatives conflict and conversation was a little forced. Also, Charlie’s best friend calling her out for putting her family first was a little unreasonable. (And putting her on the spot for not making a formal decision and telling the colleges about it made me feel personally attacked.) There might have been a few too many characters. There wasn’t really a lot of page space to devote to everyone and everything going on. It felt like things got a little lost.

Overall I went back and forth a lot on this book while I was reading it. Most of it was zany and funny but then it would be really stressful. I liked that there were real conversations but sometimes they became a little unreasonable. The characters were sometimes hard to like but I found them really interesting. There wasn’t much romance in here, it was much more focused on the family. Not a bad thing, just not what I expected going in. This isn’t my favorite Morgan Matson book (that is still Since You’ve Been Gone) but it was entertaining.


Sexual – Medium, two characters almost have intercourse in the first chapter but there’s not much mention or action after that

Language – Medium

Drug Use – Mild

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