soul eater 7

Soul Eater, Vol. 7

by Atsushi Ohkubo

Yen Press, 2011

7 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Death is gathering the powerful weapons from across the globe and they’re trying to come up with a strategy for dealing with recent events. Maka and her friends are trying to recover and find a new normal but then they’re getting back into the fight.

Likes: I’m conflicted about liking this but Stein’s mad illusions with Medusa are pretty sexy. Maka’s dad has a lot of issues but he can be pretty perceptive when he applies himself. Crona stepping up. Soul’s thoughts about the powerful weapons who don’t need meisters. Azusa and Marie’s conversation about the toilet and then Marie versus the toilet.

Dislikes: Crude humor isn’t my favorite.

Overall I don’t actually remember who the third, middle, Gorgon sister is… But hopefully we’ll find out eventually.


Language – Medium-High

Sexual – Medium

Violence – Medium

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