soul eater 6

Soul Eater, Vol. 6

by Atsushi Ohkubo

Yen Press, 2011

8 cups of tea out 11

Summary: Maka gives into the madness so she can match her wavelength to Crona better.

Likes: Once again, Soul really comes through, multiple times. Black Star is also really good at stealing the show. Also Patty’s “voice of authority” is pretty funny. The effects of the madness are also really interesting.

Dislikes: I don’t feel like Maka spent enough time with Crona in the mental/soul place. Not fond of the dramatic fake-out. A little too convenient.

Overall a bunch of intense stuff went down, but there’s more intense stuff to come. This volume was good at giving us payoff but also assuring us that there is more to come.


Language – Medium

Sexual – Medium

Violence – Medium

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