Fence, Vols. 1 and 2

Written by C. S. Pacat

Illustrated by Johanna the Mad

Boom! Box, October 2018 and April 2019

YA Contemporary Comic

9 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Nicholas loves fencing and works really hard to do it. But he’s not getting the training he needs. He’s got a lot of potential and something to prove. When Seiji beats him he has even more motivation. But then it turns out that he and Seiji are going to the same school and will be roommates. Will they push each other to the top or kill each other?

Likes: Seiji and Nicholas as rivals. At first I wasn’t sure but as I got to the second volume I was into it. Nicholas’ character design reminds me of Hiiro Yui’s in Gundam Wing. Something about the nose. All the rubber duckies make me chuckle. I’m not a huge fan of Aiden individually but I love the friendship between him and Harvard. Coach’s wall of things you can’t say or you do 200 suicides. I also feel like I learned a lot about fencing.

Dislikes: Nicholas’ friend shows up for two panels then we never see him again. I don’t think he’s even named. And where is his mom?

Overall I wasn’t sure if I would like this or not (because I’m not into sports) but after reading Check Please and loving it I decided I needed to give this one a shot. So glad I did and now I’m impatient for the next volume.


Sexual – Mild, innuendo mostly and partial nudity

Language – Mild

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