with the fire on high

With the Fire on High

by Elizabeth Acevedo

HarperTeen, 2019

YA Contemporary Romance

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Emoni has had to make really tough decisions from a young age. She got pregnant her Freshman year and decided to keep her baby. She loves to cook and has a natural talent for it but she also needs to take care of her family. Emoni wants to do both but is that possible for her?

Likes: Emoni is sassy and funny with a lot of heart. She makes really tough decisions and it was wonderful to see a teen character making them and doing her best. The supporting cast are also interesting: Emoni’s best friend, Malachi, and their culinary arts teacher are particular favorites. I also like that the romance is slow. He’s respectful and has a personality. I also like the food illustrations throughout.

Dislikes: Not a fan of baby daddy, boss at the burger place, or Pretty Leslie.

Overall I’m so glad I picked this up (I am a sucker for books with food as a premise) and now I want to read Acevedo’s previous book, The Poet X ASAP.


Sexual – Mild

Language – Mild

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