descent of monsters

The Descent of Monsters

Tensorite Book 3

by Jy Yang

Tor, 2018

Adult Fantasy Novella

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Investigator Chuwan has been given an impossible task by the government. They want the truth but deliberately conceal it for their own benefit. The incident at the research facility is revealed via the documents and diary entries the investigation reveals.

Likes: The investigator’s narrative is perfect for the novella page count. Chuwan is also an interesting character, flawed and with a lot of charisma.

Dislikes: One of the characters is pregnant…? No details. Rider’s testimony became redundant. We get the redacted version, not redacted version, then a third version the investigator gets directly. I wanted more Akeha and Thennjay.

Overall I did enjoy this one but I expected more from it.


Language – Medium

Violence – Medium-High, creature versus human and child neglect and abuse

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