space boy 3

Space Boy, Vol. 3

by Stephen McCranie

Dark Horse Books, 2019

YA Science Fiction Comic

8 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: Amy starts attending the agricultural club meetings and continues to get to know her classmates. She’s also able to reconnect with her best friend after talking to Oliver and facing her fears.

Likes: Amy and Jemmah’s conversation made me tear-up I was so happy for them. I also like that we got to know more about Amy’s classmates. Plus the fluffy chicks are adorable, and their mud-bath scene…

Dislikes: Cassie lost a lot of points in this volume. I’m also confused how a tuba could fit in Zeph’s case. I can believe a French horn but not a tuba. Also that his dad could get a tuba for less money than a trumpet.

Overall now I want the next volume. What will happen at the dance? What will happen when Amy goes to Oliver’s house? Will there be answers to questions?

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