black gods drums

The Black God’s Drums

by P. Djèlí Clark

Tor, 2018

Adult Alternate History Fantasy Novella

6 cups of tea out of 11

Summary: In an alternate-timeline New Orleans, Creeper finds out about a very powerful weapon and a kidnapped scientist. They know the information is valuable and they may need the power of the gods to save the city.

Likes: Creeper and the captain are both fabulous characters. The world-building is also interesting because in this timeline there are multiple regions and states with different people in charge. There’s a lot of attention to detail: people speak differently, they were different uniforms, have different gods. It makes everything feel real. And there are airships.

Dislikes: The middle dragged quite a bit and that particularly stands out as a problem in a novella. Also, literally deus ex machina.

Overall this is a creative and compelling novella. The beginning pulled me in and the ending left me screaming. But the slow middle and deus ex machina knock it down a few levels for me.


Language – Medium

Sexual – Medium

Violence – Medium

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